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The SuccessFactors HCM suite is SAP’s Cloud suite of Human Capital Management solutions covering core HR, talent management, analytics, workforce planning, social collaboration, and mobile. The suite has consistently been rated as the leading Cloud-based HCM suite for talent management by a number of leading analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester, and IDC. SuccessFactors’ cutting edge innovation ensures that the suite continues to evolve on a quarterly basis. As Human Capital Management moves to the Cloud, IT Resonance are the ideal partner to provide the expertise and support that you need to make that journey into the Cloud. SuccessFactors has some fundamental differences to SAP HCM and it requires genuine expertise to help you understand how this will benefit and impact your business.
SuccessFactors Offerings

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Services offered by ITR
Full suite of IBP Implementation, including Licensing, Implementation and Post-production support.
  • Process Orchestration – Define and manage your S&OP Process(es)
  • Perform basic Statistical Forecasting
  • Create and manage Statistical Forecast Models
  • Define, assign and monitor tasks
  • Perform forecast error calculations
  • Create Consensus demand
  • Convert consensus demand to resource load for capacity planning
  • Perform multi-level supply planning (Heuristic – Time series)
  • Create an MPS and RCCP
  • Advanced Statistical Forecasting
  • Pre-process correction capabilities
  • Integrate trade promotions into demand shaping process
  • Demand sensing – predict daily demand requirements
  • Monitor custom alerts, comparing sensed demand with the demand plan
  • ABC / XYZ segmentation calculations
  • Manage product Lifecycle for demand
  • Advanced forecast error algorithms
  • Pre- and post-forecast processing
Inventory Optimization
  • Capture and calculate variability in the supply chain
  • Set corporate / customer / location service levels
  • Calculate and recommend inventory targets and inventory stages of production for every node in the supply chain
  • Monetize the recommendations to identify working Capital Investment required to support customer service goals
  • Provide target inventory numbers as input to supply planning and the S&OP process
  • Perform forecast error calculations
Supply & Response
  • Fast, flexible supply planning, supporting a variety of approaches, suitable for many industries
  • Create an optimized supply plan for time series support
  • Create supply orders (Planned orders, Purchase req., Distribution req.)
  • Generate allocations to feed to live ATP process
  • Constrained priority rules-driven planning
  • Order-based tight integration with ERP
  • Reschedule sales orders
  • Create and maintain forecast consumption profiles
  • Order Pegging
  • Identify gating factors
Control Tower
  • Custom alert creation, assignment and monitoring
  • Pre-delivered KPI measurements based on SCOR model
  • Business network collaboration integration
  • Case Management
  • Global Transparency into health of supply chain
  • Inclusion of Non-Planning / Non-Corporate data for analytics
  • Insight to Action Environment
Why choose ITR as your IBP implementation partner
  • Decades of experience in Supply Chain Management
  • Experienced IBP SMEs
  • Multiple SCM Project Experience
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