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  • The reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object
  • The reinforcement of customer success through the harmony of understanding business needs, providing the right technical resources and the right IT solution

IT Resonance is a leading SAP Solutions and Managed Services provider based in Naperville, IL. We have been in business since 2004 and pride ourselves on 3 guiding principles that differentiate us from others:

  • Outcome focus
  • Process orientation
  • Customer-for-life approach

Outcome focus: Every engagement starts with understanding the customer’s end-goal. Toward that end, we ask ourselves these questions upfront:

  • How would our customers define a successful outcome?
  • How are we planning and defining steps towards achieving the successful outcome?
  • How do we govern the engagement to ensure successful outcome?

Process orientation: With the customer’s outcome defined, we plan and define steps towards achieving it. IT Resonance’s process orientation defines a structured path towards achieving the customer’s business objectives, while enhancing organizational efficiency.

Customer-for-life approach: For us, every customer is a referenceable, life-long business relationship. We focus on customer-centricity, encourage account executives to focus on the ‘customer experience’ and move away from a ‘point solution’ focus to a holistic ‘customer ownership’ approach.

To achieve our guiding principles, we encourage ourselves to
  • Listen more and better understand our customer’s needs
  • Collaborate closely on our customer’s SAP initiatives
  • Ensure our customers realize greater value from their SAP investments

IT Resonance has an expert team of senior SAP consultants to offer SAP support and services. We enable maximum returns for customers from their SAP investment. Our SAP services range from business process consulting, design, software development, implementation and post-production support. Apart from achieving our clients’ business objectives, we offer a lower TCO and an unsurpassed technical leadership that enables better and faster functionality, with a greater value promise.

We adopt SAP-recommended best practices in everything we do. Thanks to our roster of referable customers and success stories, we quickly define and prioritize initiatives to enable our customer’s desired end results. When you partner with IT Resonance, you start realizing the benefits of cost and performance improvement in the short term, and ultimately realize the maximum value for your SAP investment.

Good relationships come from collaboration. We're excited to start a visual dialog, learn about you, and be your trusted partner in this industry.

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