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SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Services offered by ITR
Full suite of IBP Implementation, including Licensing, Implementation and Post-production support.
  • Process Orchestration – Define and manage your S&OP Process(es)
  • Perform basic Statistical Forecasting
  • Create and manage Statistical Forecast Models
  • Define, assign and monitor tasks
  • Perform forecast error calculations
  • Create Consensus demand
  • Convert consensus demand to resource load for capacity planning
  • Perform multi-level supply planning (Heuristic – Time series)
  • Create an MPS and RCCP
  • Advanced Statistical Forecasting
  • Pre-process correction capabilities
  • Integrate trade promotions into demand shaping process
  • Demand sensing – predict daily demand requirements
  • Monitor custom alerts, comparing sensed demand with the demand plan
  • ABC / XYZ segmentation calculations
  • Manage product Lifecycle for demand
  • Advanced forecast error algorithms
  • Pre- and post-forecast processing
Inventory Optimization
  • Capture and calculate variability in the supply chain
  • Set corporate / customer / location service levels
  • Calculate and recommend inventory targets and inventory stages of production for every node in the supply chain
  • Monetize the recommendations to identify working Capital Investment required to support customer service goals
  • Provide target inventory numbers as input to supply planning and the S&OP process
  • Perform forecast error calculations
Supply & Response
  • Fast, flexible supply planning, supporting a variety of approaches, suitable for many industries
  • Create an optimized supply plan for time series support
  • Create supply orders (Planned orders, Purchase req., Distribution req.)
  • Generate allocations to feed to live ATP process
  • Constrained priority rules-driven planning
  • Order-based tight integration with ERP
  • Reschedule sales orders
  • Create and maintain forecast consumption profiles
  • Order Pegging
  • Identify gating factors
Control Tower
  • Custom alert creation, assignment and monitoring
  • Pre-delivered KPI measurements based on SCOR model
  • Business network collaboration integration
  • Case Management
  • Global Transparency into health of supply chain
  • Inclusion of Non-Planning / Non-Corporate data for analytics
  • Insight to Action Environment
Why choose ITR as your IBP implementation partner
  • Decades of experience in Supply Chain Management
  • Experienced IBP SMEs
  • Multiple SCM Project Experience
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